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The Startup Periodic Table

Understanding the basics of startup financing is crucial for both founders and employees. By familiarizing themselves with the different types of financing, securities, and compliance requirements, they can make informed decisions that support the long-term success of the company. Whether you’re a startup founder looking to raise funds or an employee wanting to better understand the company’s financial structure, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of these foundational concepts.

Dive into the world of startup with our Startup Periodic Table


Just like how the periodic table made chemistry a breeze, the startup periodic table is here to make startup jargons a cakewalk. This handy tool compiles all the intricate topics in the private equity landscape, making it easier for founders and employees to navigate the complex world of startup financing. With 107 elements classified into four categories, each explained in detail, startups can gain valuable insights on various kinds of securities, stock options, basic financing terms, and statutory laws/policies. Trust us, this delightful periodic table will be your go-to guide for all things startup!

Let us guide you through it all with our easy-to-understand explanations and insights. 

  • Securities: Gain insights on the various kinds of securities you can issue and what securities are ideal for your company.
  • ESOP: Understand the basics of stock options and improve your employee’s performance.
  • Financing Terms: Avert legal difficulties and financial problems down the road with an introduction to basic financing terms.
  • Compliances: Regulate your funding and stay compliant with different statutory laws/policies.

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