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Your Cap table has to be 100% accurate and a system of intelligence to power transactions accurately and quickly. We make sure that your cap table is always up-to-date and transparently accessible to all stakeholders. Hence, we obsessively work to add robust functionalities and compliances to our platforms & deliver a highly customized platform.

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The Digital Equity Ownership Experience

Digital Equity Ownership - Dashboard

While you are putting effort into growing your business, you deserve the best experience managing your cap tables. Avoid compliance risks and save time with the right software.

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Build new transactions in minutes

Build your captable and model future investments and valuations on Hissa. Eliminate hours spent on spreadsheets and automatically import historical ownership data from regulators in no time.

Drive visibility

Automate Compliances

Automate Compliances - Manage organisation equity

Stay on top of processes with in-built compliances. Manage your organization’s equity diligently with the right features and best practices.

Inbuilt intelligent features

Powerful analytics for driving business decisions

Hissa’s all-in-one dashboard accurately indicates a company’s fully diluted ownership and associated economic and legal rights. Make informed decisions early to drive growth.

Anytime diligence ready
data room

With easier and shareable data formats, make the company diligence ready for any future financing at any point in time.

Build multiple scenario play with our modelling tool

Forecast capital requirements of your company, convert complex transactions into easy to understand steps setting direction to your company’s funding, ESOP & exit plans.

Our mission is to simplify equity for everyone


Accessible anytime, anywhere at every step

Everything you need to know about your ownership stake in the company brought to you under one platform.
Intelligent Cap Table Management



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