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Build and manage your equity ownership that’s as unique as your business. Automatically import your cap tables, plan your investments and equity compensation solutions to make more informed decisions as you grow.

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Hissa™  is a powerful, flexible and intuitive software platform that makes it easy to build and manage your company’s ownership. It will help you plan fundraising, automate the share issue process, plan for employees growth and much more. Powered by an innovative user interface and powerful features, you are supported at every stage of your company’s growth.

Cap tables simplified

Share Holders - Cap tables simplified
Cap tables are complex and ever-changing. We’re here to save you hours of manual work by automating tasks so you can focus on what really matters – growing your company’s value.

Transactions made easier

Automate transaction processing, maintain registers and certificates in digital formats by removing the complexity associated. Our dedicated team, legal partners and helpful investors are here to give advice, answer questions, offer support and lend a knowing ear.
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