What makes Rulezero click? A look into our company’s culture

For products that are relatively new in the market, the founders and the team create confidence in the minds of the people. 

We know this very well!

At Rulezero, we have got the fundamental elements right at the very beginning, making us one of the top startups to keep a look out for!

So, what factors did we get right to make the cut?

  1. Our Founders– Our Founders have drawn on their own experience to build Rulezero and its platform ‘Hissa’. Two is better than one. Our Founders are from venture capital and legal operations backgrounds, bringing the best of both worlds into the company and its product.


  2. Strong independent team- We believe that employees form the backbone of the company. Here at Rulezero, employees never have a feeling of being under the watchful eyes of their seniors. Employees have the utmost flexibility in conducting their work. We believe in our hires and provide all encouragement to each of our employee to grow with the organization.


  3. Collaborative approach- The lines between the management and employees are blurred. Another reason why employees love to work with us. You will often find employees and management packed in conference rooms, all brainstorming and shooting their ideas on the whiteboard.


  4. Good communication- We believe in staying flexible and fresh having an interactive atmosphere, building a foundation that will make us a billion dollar company in no time.


  5. Focus on growth- The field of equity management is always changing. With more and more companies and investors coming together, we cannot afford to be outdated. Therefore, our mantra is to forever focus on growth and be innovative, aiming to be one step ahead of all.

A combination of  these factors has made us one of the front-runners in the space of equity management today. In the course of the year 2021, our team has grown exponentially. This is only the beginning. Stay tuned to us for updates on what we are upto and watch us scale in the year 2022. 

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