Understanding ESOPs | With Nithin Kamath, Founder & CEO Zerodha | Rulezero

One of the many components that impact the company’s cap table is ESOP. And needless to say, ESOPs have been making noise in the last few years. Therefore, to put some light on this concept, our founder Srinivas Katta moderated a talk with the founder of Zerodha- Nithin Kamath. 

The video mainly reflects Nithin Kamath’s thoughts on:

  • How should companies structure ESOP?
  • Should employees consider ESOPs instead of salary?
  • Do ESOPs really create wealth for employees?
  • How should companies be valued?
  • What are the ideal vesting terms that companies can consider?
  • How digitized platforms help in structuring ESOP?
  • How should liquidity be provided to employees to reap the maximum benefits?

Watch the full video not to miss insights from the best folks in the private industry landscape.    

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