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A company’s journey from incorporation to exit involves a series of steps, compliances, and processes that need to be adhered to by the founders. Given the noise in the startup ecosystem, it is a must for founders to be prepared at all times to avoid potential pitfalls.

As the ESOP trend is only getting stronger and is at the forefront of employee engagement programs in startups. We’ve gathered a few key terms that will help employees grow simultaneously.

Keeping this in mind, RuleZero offers you a one-stop hub of information that compiles all the intricate topics in the private equity landscape- We bring to you a periodic table containing 107 elements, classified into four categories, each explained in detail below:

  • Securities: Gain insights on the various kinds of securities you can issue and what securities are ideal for your company.
  • ESOP: Understand the basics of stock options and improve your employee’s performance.
  • Financing Terms: Avert legal difficulties and financial problems down the road with an introduction to basic financing terms.
  • Compliances: Regulate your funding and stay compliant with different statutory laws/policies.

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