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A peek into the evolving world of ESOP

The employees especially at the initial stages can make or break a company. Therefore, one of the most important areas that companies must focus on is building a culture that boosts employee productivity and accountability. In recent times, offering ESOPs has proven to be a valuable tool to achieve this.

2021 saw an upward trajectory in the world of ESOP. Many companies small and big considered ESOPs an important part of their compensation strategy.

Since this trend is only getting stronger, and stock options form an important component of the company’s cap table, our team of experts have built a whitepaper on ESOP.

What does our Whitepaper address?

  • How do stock options work?
  • Why should stock options form an important component of a company’s compensation strategy?      
  • When should companies opt to grant options to their employees?
  • Is it feasible for employees to choose stock options in lieu of salary?
  • Do stock options help improve employee morale?
  • Insights from industry experts on ESOP
  • Current trends in the startup landscape
  • Regulatory transformations on ESOP

ESOP Whitepaper - Get your copy

A synopsis on how stock options work

In the whitepaper, you will find the tone to be generic, not leaning in any way towards the employees or company. The Whitepaper will be your beacon to all ESOP related queries. Download the paper for a full tour on the what, how, and the why of ESOP.