While the entire idea of fundraising looks daunting and often takes months before the money reaches the bank account, it is an

Once the company is incorporated, it has to be nurtured from time to time. This is most essential to climb the success

You have a business idea. You wish to bring a company into existence and get the business going.

Like everything else, the influx of technology made its mark on the investment market. This advancement moved holding the documentary proof of

We often come across companies raising Seed Round, Series A, B, C rounds from various investors. These investments are often made in

Here is what you need to do once your company has been incorporated. In our previous blog, we have introduced you to

Once the type of entity is chosen then comes the entire process of actually constructing and putting all the pieces together. Similar

The first time entrepreneur’s guide in choosing the right entity type for their business. While designing a building, one needs to get

manage your equity, seamlessly

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