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Cap table Management

Say hello to a more efficient and scalable way to manage every transaction that affects the equity of the company

ESOP Administration

Streamline the process of issuing employee stock options under any ESOP plan and save time and money while increasing transparency

Portfolio Management

Enable the funds to easily track and manage cap tables for all of their portfolio companies in one place

Who benefits from Digitized Equity Management?​




Powerful analytics for driving business decisions

Hissa’s all-in-one dashboard accurately indicates a company’s fully diluted ownership and associated economic and legal rights. Make informed decisions early to drive growth.

Anytime diligence ready data room

With easier and shareable data formats, make the company diligence ready for any future financing at any point in time.

Build multiple scenario play with our modelling tool

Forecast capital requirements of your company, convert complex transactions into easy to understand steps setting direction to your company’s funding, ESOP & exit plans.