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A term sheet is a non-binding commitment (usually, though not always) made by – (a) an investor to invest into

A fundamental question that perhaps every entrepreneur asks themselves is what type of security suits best to raise capital for

Foreign investors can invest in Indian companies subject to the provisions of the FDI policy. Unlike domestic investments, money coming

Dive into the world of startup with us A company’s journey from incorporation to exit involves a series of steps,

What is a secondary sale of stock? Employees or investors holding shares of a private company cannot liquidate their shares

In the second and final part of this article, we look at some of the latest critical trends in how

In this two-part article, we take a look at some of the key ESOP trends paving inroads for Indian startups

Debt vs Equity

With reports of Indian startups raising funds in the news almost every other day, terms such as investments, funding rounds,

Over the past few years, issuing convertible notes has become the preferred way for companies to raise funding, especially when

From the outside, financing rounds look like a simple two-step process: investors provide funds to companies and companies issue securities

A common dilemma that young companies face is choosing how to fund their operations. The form of financing has a

What is cap table management? As you’ll know from reading our earlier blog posts, a cap table is a tabular

There’s a saying in the start-up world, ‘Choose your co-founder wisely, for founder exits can be messier than celebrity divorces!’

Now that we’ve understood the basic elements of a cap table, let’s consider a real-world scenario to see how a

Our previous article, ‘Basics of cap table’ briefly explained what a cap table is. Here, we talk about what cap

In the start-up environment, it’s hard to miss hearing the term ‘cap table’. Almost all founders are told to read

One of the many components that impact the company’s cap table is ESOP. And needless to say, ESOPs have been

Unveil ESOPs with Accel’s partner Prashanth Prakash.

Leap from traditional compensation models to engagement driven models with ESOPs. Step up your ESOP game with inputs from the best

Engaged in our discussions, we never realized that it was 10 p.m. I was about to leave, when Ranveer questioned

We had just stepped out of the lawyer’s chambers. I received a buzz from my former roommate – a genius

Our discussions with the lawyer on the ESOP process were long, but insightful. He shared many real-life examples to help

Last Saturday, Ranveer called me to Starbucks. Having nothing scheduled for the weekend I readily agreed. When I reached Starbucks

Ranveer has arranged a meeting with his lawyers to initiate the ESOP process. A good old friend that he is,

1. How easy or difficult is it for a company to start making Grants? Granting is the first stage in

Laila Khan and Ranveer Singh Padukone set up their eco-packaging venture in 2018 – Econative Packaging Private Limited. A much-needed

For products that are relatively new in the market, the founders and the team create confidence in the minds of

The growth of a company, especially in its initial stages, depends on the founders. Therefore, it is most important for

Raising capital is a long and tedious process that usually takes 4 to 6 months before the money reaches the

Starting a business is more than just having a workable idea. The right factors need to be in place to

While the entire idea of fundraising looks daunting and often takes months before the money reaches the bank account, it

Once the company is incorporated, it has to be nurtured from time to time. This is most essential to climb

You have a business idea. You wish to bring a company into existence and get the business going.

Like everything else, the influx of technology made its mark on the investment market. This advancement moved holding the documentary

We often come across companies raising Seed Round, Series A, B, C rounds from various investors. These investments are often

Here is what you need to do once your company has been incorporated. In our previous blog, we have introduced

Once the type of entity is chosen then comes the entire process of actually constructing and putting all the pieces

The first time entrepreneur’s guide in choosing the right entity type for their business. While designing a building, one needs

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